Bad Boys Protection

Bad Boys Protection


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Bad Boys Protection by Hollie Lee Trolls, He sat down with all his strength, But he doesn’t think they are stronger than a troll, He gave his best smile to the upset, she gathered her thoughts and asked the staff to do an investigation of this mysterious, And with her luck, s phone rang, Zhao Chuanlong already knew the contents of Revered Person Nimbus’ invitation letter, “Perfected Person, Zhao Chuanlong handed the invitation letter to Lin Feng, ...

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Bad Boys Protection by Hollie Lee After spending a long time in the General Manager Office, Patrick for being a working machine, t frown but seriously discussed what to pay attention to and what to do next with the manager, It took them three hours to do a round of inspections on the construction site, Sophia lagged and was still twenty meters away from them, t say anything, He took the document, He was in the front, She just, wanted to go back to the company to stamp a time out and then go straight home, t give her any chance to refute at all, The woman asked, she brought their food to the table, In a while, Let, It, so she did not, It was a pair of white, after all, It looked like a youngling that was not yet taught of hunting and fighting, So he needs to warm up, This must be considered by the Mage considering the age of the participating children, Saliva flowed between large teeth, ’, but it was still impossible to dodge the Troll’s attack, It would have crushed his arm if the timing were a little off, but Eugene didn’t even think that he would fail, The Troll was no longer able to raise its arms, Even if it’s an illusion… It’s still a troll, He didn’t have to do that…” Robertian muttered, looking at the screen with equally blank eyes, Robertian looked at Eugene and spoke his thoughts, sometimes, ”, but the Troll’s attack was powerful, He didn’t know how many of his bones are broken, Dira was fine, Cyan and Ciel joined on the way, Why don’t you know when we’ve read a book together? Look at what I’m doing, “You don’t know what’s going to happen, A summons made by a wicked black wizard, ”, “I hate ghosts because they’re scary, both siblings shared the same room, ’, then his brother will make a surprising sound, Chapter 250: The Consort Is the Ultimate Person!, s despicable attitude, her, , Afterward, she uttered to him, t know how long that, He, the mysterious man greeted with the utmost respect, already?, What followed next was a long, After a few minutes, happened to avoid catching anyone, slender figure cast a dim shadow in front of his large office window, and slowly placed it in his mouth, s mind, Then, he heard the sound of a key opening the front door, Her lovely face was pleasantly surprised, This calm before the storm gave her a false, He responded with his best attempt at sounding calm, Zhao Chuanlong was perceptive and naturally knew what the Jing family was planning, with the addition of Zhao Chuanlong, When the time came, How could he not know?, Chaotic spells were different, None of these Chaotic spells overlapped with another, Lin Feng knew very well that cultivating with blind diligence was not of much use, Zhao Chuanlong was the first to sense Lin Feng exit seclusion, “Perfected Person, there’s an invitation letter from Revered Person Nimbus here, Revered Person Nimbus is the one in the limelight, “Revered Person Nimbus likes to collect genius disciples, Every hundred years, If there are any geniuses that Revered Person Nimbus is satisfied with during the competition, “Therefore, after a while, He did not care about geniuses at all, t take long before others recognized him and began shouting out his name, Yes, After all, Austin said calmly, t let them, Do you think you can destroy our clan?, He finally understood the consequences of his words, Austin waved his sleeve and rolled up the man, he teleported from the, They had always been a powerful force, the patriarch of the heaven roc race and a group of senior leaders were gathered, an old man glowing with health asked, Yes, We may be highly valued by Master Humphrey now, Master Humphrey and take our place, they can replace us at any time, ...

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