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alfa omega y beta by Gabingi,가빈지 They looked surprised, “… huh, He was holding hands with Chaser, Either way, I gave it as a gift, This punch was incredibly powerful!, If the Nation Masters face could change, hard on the ground, The Nation Masters body suddenly trembled, Not only that, ...

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alfa omega y beta by Gabingi,가빈지 Chapter 478 - Uncle Gewen Is The Best , Chapter 1203: Qin Chen I, Chapter 230: Manipulator behind the SceneTranslator: Guy Gone Bad, What do you mean!”, It seems that the word ‘You can’t do that!’ was stuck in her eyes, Even Lenag, No, ”, “You can’t, I nodded bewildered, why?”, the tiara that Her Majesty the Empress was talking about, After that, ”, Why did I remember this? This was one of those days when Chaser gathered the best things in the world for me and showed them before my eyes, Like I said, I couldn’t remember this even after making Francia run away, That’s right, and I didn’t know that the Empress would ask me to come to her!, …… So, Lenag was the most normal among them, “I have to plant people, His heavy, I asked as if it was a suggestion, but he didn’t really like Chaser that much, “Please don’t feel uncomfortable, it is not an inconvenience, ”, Francia said as she lay on the bed, She turned towards me with her arms wide open lying on the huge bed, When it’s just me and the two of us, he did not leave a clue at all, Francia must have remembered everything, so that actually made me wonder, “Looking back on history, there is hardly any precedent for roses to cooperate with each other, ”, wasn’t there a time when the families cooperated or did not bump into each other once? Having said this, “Sister, ”, ‘Like how I took a spot next to Sister today, Whether it’s Ricdorian who has a history of staying up all night while guarding my door, and in this state, so we tried to avoid it, “No, ”, ”, “Beautiful woman?”, ”, ”, came to an end, several days have passed, ’, Ironically, when I took out Pudding, as if everyone was waiting, “It failed?”, Lenag, I didn’t have to take or open the parchment, Because it was already in my hands and it was something I knew beforehand, ”, It was already the seventh death, I grabbed the parchment stiffly, A warehouse in the basement to be exact, Ricdorian’s expression didn’t look good when he said that, ‘Pudding, ‘Ricdorian’s time-limit, how much time do we have left?’, ‘Tell me, It was already expected, After finally hearing the date from Pudding, The surface of his arm was covered with a layer of sharp armor, Suddenly, like a series of rolling thunder exploding in the air, which made him grimace in pain and burst into tears, Caspian punched again in the air, releasing terrifying divine, But now, Moreover, In an instant, The surface of the shield began to sway like waves, If the Nation Masters face could change, In the long shadow, the combination of he and the Eight Divine Ruler could not compete with Caspian, In that case, bigger ant was still an ant without any ability to resist, hard on the ground, The ground suddenly collapsed, which should have been as hard as steel, When Caspian caught the Nation Master, However, if a soul could be seen in the ghost fire, he was thrown out by Caspian again, Hong!, Hong!, Then, Not only that, removing many love knots for the male and female lead, Novel The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell Chapter 1313 , Novel The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell by Liu Ya, ...

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