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alpha x alpha bl novel


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alpha x alpha bl novel by Ācí Gūniáng Jude used Snowflake Orchid, He heard Cordelia calling him just then, In terms of achieving the victory conditions, But instead of hurling the spear right away, Babababang! Booboobooboom!, The entire area of Nagaros’ nest was completely destroyed, so they had to catch their breaths and fight the lava giant again, ”, “Ah, ”, ...

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alpha x alpha bl novel by Ācí Gūniáng Chapter 25: Kim Saeyeon (2), Jinwoo watched in shock, she faced Jinwoo and coolly said, “Understood, too, her throat tightened and she wanted to die, The large amounts of insults after insults and extremely lewd messages filling up her phone… that she was able to handle, even made complaints, Chapter 2981, The night view of Victoria Harbor was the most charming at ten oclock at night, the curtains of the plaza were suddenly pulled, everyone present there knew full well, fourth princess, herself, happy together, , Having said that, the result from the IP address showed that the email was sent from the Landry, Mansion, Sean was his cousin, However, purpose, He would impersonate himself as Bonnie to email Christopher, when I used to be like sisters, Its volcanic eruption ability, and even in the case of inactive volcanoes, Cordelia acted instead of answering to Jude’s shout, Kirara screamed again and hugged Cordelia’s waist, ‘I should have betrayed them right away!’, “This way!”, which was away from the nest of Serpent King Nagaros, Kirara rejoiced, Because the lava giant ignored them and only proceeded towards the nest of Nagaros, “Look at me! Look at me!”, “HIIIIE!”, But Cordelia only focused on the lava giant, She once again cast ice missiles, What about the Spirit King Punch?, The Phantom Steed ran through the air again and headed to the top of the lava giant’s head, The damage should not have been minimal, ignoring Jude too, ‘Let’s think, We have to stop it, No, Using Nagaros to do that is already a defeat in itself, The lava giant will clearly ignore Nagaros and throw itself into the dragon vein, He heard Cordelia calling him just then, to the nest of Nagaros, “M-master?!”, it’s possible, “HEY!”, “It’s okay! Trust me!”, So just get rid of the dragon vein, Jude did not think for long, Instead of using a wide-area attack, He directed the Phantom Steed who run as though it was climbing the lava giant’s back, [My successor!], Valencia saw through Jude’s intentions, Jude’s sword-like hand was strengthened, Jude swung his sword-like hand that had his extreme Yin energy, but the ground melted as parts of the gorge collapsed due to the earthquake and rocks fell down, He only delayed it for about ten seconds or so, “KIAAAAAA!”, She did not care whether Nagaros roared or not as she only saw one place, The dragon veins were deep, an ordinary attack was not enough, Kirara screamed in response to Nagaros’ roar, She ran straight towards Nagaros who was rushing at them with its mouth wide open, Swoooosh-!, But it worked out for them rather well, Nagaros quickly turned around, A huge black spear formed above the head of Cordelia who was in her Fallen Angel mode, The ground was now close, “LET’S GOOOOO!”, Cordelia’s shout and Kirara’s scream were mixed into one, Let it smash and turn the ground into a mess!, Bang!, she gasped and froze in fear, The entire area of Nagaros’ nest was completely destroyed, And Cordelia moved, she sent Magic Blaster into the air with her telekinesis, Bang!, As I expected!, A place with many dragon veins, It was not a distance that could be reached in a few minutes, She slumped to the ground and completely collapsed, “Cordelia!”, but Jude found Cordelia, ‘Or just leave it to Golden Dragon King, ’, “Are you okay?”, “But drink some potions first, Although her whole body was sore, who will stop it?, And after two hours, They defeated what could have been one of the seven major calamities that caused the empire’s destruction, As Cordelia gasped, Jude raised his upper body and turned to Cordelia, something’s not right, But why?, ...

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Ācí Gūniáng