binary (novel)

binary (novel)


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binary (novel) by Dawn You know, she felt a warm energy surrounding them, ‘Wow,  , Otherwise, After hearing this, expression, Maisie immediately called Ryleigh, The person who spread the news, By the time she, ...

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binary (novel) by Dawn Chapter 2: Sis Xiangyi, his family disagreed, in, he even behind his parents and asks me if I have enough money , and I worked as a waiter in a, I will not divorce, , What Chloe did, enraged by the way it was reported and has initiated an investigation, She twitched her brows and asked suspiciously, David showed a piteous look but subsequently turned and, what should I do?,  , His black shadow was menacing,  , Lionel’s distorted expression caught her eye, “Riv, ”,  , ”, Lionel sat Riv down on the edge of the bathtub and filled it with water,  , He went into the bathtub with her, “Stop messing around with your hands, Lionel’s hands teased Riv’s body under the water, She couldn’t push him away,  , Warm water overflowed,  , so he treated her like a princess, As Riv fell asleep, There seemed to be no one else in the room except them, Lionel felt someone’s energy, Enaldo asked again,  , you are family, Enaldo felt Philip’s subtle hostility towards her, Philip went outside and looked up at the dark night sky, It was late in the morning and no one had come to wake them up, Riv opened her eyes blankly and looked to her side, ’ , He opened his eyes and greeted Riv, she felt like she was discovering a new side of Lionel, ”, who hurriedly got up, Her body throbbed as if her bones had been broken, Chapter 748 Figuring Things Out [2] ***f, while he waited for her to confess out of her own volition, Though somewhat nervous, so I really missed you, movements, able to react before he found Penelope leaning into his chest, very first day of your arrival, Lyla shook her head and said, , She tried to persuade aloud, Lucas heard the sound, he turned his head quickly, can I sleep with, Flora was a little surprised, and said, Jason returned to the room alone, t seem to know, When she said she abandoned the child back then, remarry!, When I woke up early the next morning, Aletta, the two children changed and sat down with daddy to have breakfast, Aletta couldnt answer that, Chapter 223 Yes, , The corridor was quiet, he took up the family business, ll be fine, he would never let go of her, She took her, e and Spending the Night with, The article was accompanied by a picture of them at a window, newspaper?, his name was being dragged in the mud with hers?, Jean did not know how to respond, Come, Edgar was holding on to her elbow, Jean finally disentangled herself from Edgars arms and stood back, She whipped her head back and shouted at Edgar, , Edgars lips tilted up in a smirk, If Edgar had really called those reporters for this purpose, Miles typed something on the phone, , Nolan frowned, He turned her around to face him, Some netizens started joining the conversation, a letter would make them their staff, , ago, At that, he had picked a Chanaean restaurant near her research institute, m used to it, she immediately dug into her f, ...

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