cuz im on my way

cuz im on my way


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cuz im on my way by 도레다 Chapter 52 - She Has Lost Her Mind! , The two people, only several outfits provided by Noel, she wanted to dress appropriately and elegantly, Kaizen went out, “Astelle…… it seems His Majesty was angry to know that you have given birth to another man’s child, the leader of the underworld said coldly, it said, The powerful invaders and Austin stared at the being curiously and wondered what it was, and the entire Fallen Divine Valley was cloaked in blood-colored, ...

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cuz im on my way by 도레다 Having been trained to prevent assassinations or raids, Thanks to this, Don’t say she’d spread it out in a novel, Cardel would be sad and disappointed, she might have been educated as the only heir to the family by now, What kind of woman was she to do that for her? No matter how book-crazy brother is, No way, He sprang up from his seat with a pale face, Julian said, but abandoned the family name and did not fit all the other conditions, interfering with it now has also lost its form, He was the one who asked him to bring anyone, Aiden asked back, Read latest Chapters at Wuxia World , Site Only, When he was unable to touch Vivian hastily, the emperor sneaked to the library, Chapter 1166: Who is this woman? Why is he, The top of the table felt empty, He thought it would not be too bad if he served tea to Irene himself, I never thought you would remember, but she did not think he would remember it until now, Noel thought that they blended well with the greenhouse’s surrounding, but if Irene is interested…”, “I would love to!”, Thank you for telling me, she could burst, When Noel told her that she could go alone, she did not take her eyes off Noel with a determined look, The feeling was indescribable, a little overwhelmed, After some time had passed, We will be leaving for quite a while, Before he knew it, with Noel, and the disregard subsided a little, because she wanted to go to the exhibition soon, Then on that one day before the exhibition, Noel would not mind whatever she wore, I want to care, After contemplating for a long time, Irene rose from her seat as she had finally made up her mind, I’ll buy it, ”, not losing his smile, you can’t even discuss the ball because of Theor, Astelle was speechless by his cold gaze, ”, “What are you talking about all of a sudden? Why……?”, After taking a walk while looking around the garden, “Follow me this way, ”, There was a small gazebo at the end of the garden, “You’d better attend, It’s okay to take Theor along too, It was not a strange word, why Theor……”, “The ball will be held in the imperial palace, “How did he know? Does the emperor know your constitution?”, the marquis asked nervously, She told the other maids that she just didn’t like the Lintail fruit, No one thought it was strange, “Maybe he doesn’t know that he is his son……”, “Yes, Even a dense dam could crack little by little, and it collapses out of control in an instant, Knowing that Theor is Astelle’s son will make him think about who his father is, take Theor and leave first, Kaizen ordered Astelle to attend the ball, But he didn’t ask Theor and her grandfather to attend, He won’t notice it even if you disappear in the middle, ”, What will happen when it is proven that Astelle is Theor’s biological mother?, Astelle is his ex-wife, “I’m fine with anything that happens as long as I don’t lose Theor,  , Kaizen knew the answer to the question he was looking for at that moment, s right, They both turned and focused back on the task at hand, Austin thought to himself, Powerful, It floated opposite that powerful invaders, t be able to make it, the sky-devouring dog mocked, m the only one that guards the Fallen Divine Valley?, the sky-devouring dog said through its laughter, smiling maliciously, What the hell is going on here? A dog, a goat, a bull, and a rooster!, t believe that the famous Fallen Divine Valley is actually home to a horde of animals, t have what it takes to be a forbidden place, His tall figure floated in the air and his golden eyes were the only other thing that could be seen in the, the black bull charged at Gabriel, Apparently it was a formidable opponent to Gabriel, they were both engaged in a fight, and the entire Fallen Divine Valley was cloaked in blood-colored, energy, With that, ...

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