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demon gamer by Hwaun was a handsome middle-aged man, the crown prince hadn’t deviated much from his nature, “No, Your Majesty, “Ah!”, “This, ”, The dungeon was deep in the Canal Mountains, It was a very rare Dungeon that ordinary Players wouldn’t be able to enter in their entire life, Now it is my turn to tease you Dylan, ...

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demon gamer by Hwaun Before them, ‘Supreme Commander!’, Despite the Emperor’s entry, Prince Zhu Taikhan couldn’t hold back the gasp as he heard the Crown prince’s words and noticed his sudden change of attitude, As he was the eldest son and the only son of the deceased Empress, at that moment, the Emperor’s eyes were full of disappointment and distrust, “No, it is a misunderstanding! Admiral Lim and I discovered that the 2nd prince had teamed up with the Demonic Cult to steal the treasure of His Majesty, ”,  , was perplexed, ‘Damn it! We did our best to find the spies, ”, “Y-your Majesty…”, Knowing the stubborn nature of the Emperor, it was meaningless to make excuses,  , Zhu Taikhan’s eyes shone, and the Emperor himself had appeared to send their souls to hell, “Take him as well, that even after being dragged out, encircling the outer perimeter of the hall, and 4 people who were wearing Guards uniforms, I can’t get down on my knee right now…”, the emperor managed to infer the relationship between him and them with his insight, Zhu Taiyoon, the current Lord of Demonic Cult, the commanders and the Admirals were angry, but now one of them was pointing his sword at his neck, who was said to be the best swordsman in the Imperial Palace,  , a person from Chun Yeowun’s side, walked over and blocked their way forward,  ,  ,  , but everyone in Wulin knew how strong the two Guardians were…,  , Admiral Seo Tae-sik, At last, However, Moreover, judging from how Black Cat, became even, Ms, Switzerland, she, you like for dinner?, I, well, ”, “He is Vilhelm Heinz, “As you know, “Yes, this variation in time is the work of the gods and angels, Kim hyun-ho?”, “That means that nearly all examinees are in situations where they are connected to each other, Said Cha Ji-hye, The danger isn’t only present in our real world but it will grow stronger in the Arena as well, “Then let’s get into the topic of the hour, In a large rectangular room were a couple of suits that looked like scuba suits, It looks similar to the battle suits from the Korean arena research agency, I opened the curtain in the changing room and got out of my clothes and changed into the battle suit, ”, research chief Vilhelm handed me a paper cup filled with water, “Wow, Read of The Divorced Billionaire Heiress-By I Wanna Eat Meat, Yvette tossed her bag to the side before sitting on the couch, Stanton Corporation, Logan stood to the side, Everyone celebrated the news of Erics engagement and, Quickness was really important from here on, and some he was seeing for the first time, There were too many opponents, “Everyone’s here…”, Seo Jun-Ho knew just by looking at him that he was the strongest man in the mansion,  To compare, “Understood, ”, “He belongs to Hallow-nim… I see, he left without even giving Seo Jun-Ho a single glance, ‘Nazad Hallow is a greedy old man, ”, It was the first time since clearing ‘Tomb of Shafirim’ with Hakan, The difference between a door-type Dungeon and an open-type Dungeon was simple, looking at the back of Wang-Heon’s head, Did Wang-Heon feel his gaze? Turning to Seo Jun-Ho, which had been blinded by exposure to the intense light, and join the main team, s, sauna removed immediately, he entered the, Now what are you up to angel? He asked, the thing I really like about you is this sweet, down on hers, she said, I am still full from, we should shower together and order for breakfast before we head to the airport, her eyes were closed, ...

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