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gomyson.com by Lee Heen I asked him, Sherry paused and said sincerely, They exchanged a glance with a smile, , Does it need to be an occasion for my husband to send me, Shawn thought, But she, Mathew was even a step ahead of Joseph, He had yet to take any action these few days, I rejected them long ago, ...

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gomyson.com by Lee Heen looking spiritless, pregnant before, it, based on the situation at the time, kid, When I went to hospital for examination this time, that it was not easy before? Why did this doctor say it was difficult?, she asked tentatively, Few men will take care of the children after their, Sherry continued, a child, Stella chuckled, When speaking, Stella groaned an answer, , They exchanged a glance with a smile, they simultaneously lay down on the sofa while sighing, Stella gently put her hand on Sherry, Sherry heaved a sigh of relief, feel sad and I won, Stella knew what she was thinking, No matter what her decision was, the baby in her belly was innocent, , When you were pregnant before, was there any other reason that drives you to keep the, child?, , the child that was lost, At that time, Stella, It was true that everyone had his weakness, she suddenly didnt want to come back, , It was the first time for her to meet him after he came back from Switzerland, He had been suffering the illness for a long time, powerful as it was in the past, Several seconds later, he said, Stella chuckled, , Chapter 346 Serenity said, After taking countless photos of the bouquet, t seen him send flowers to you, before, His tone was a little bitter as if he had a bone to pick, I was just worried that hed, spend too much because a bouquet isns not edible either, Serenity responded while she admired the bouquet that Zachary gave her, Did Serenity fall in love with her stranger husband?, Jasmine called out to Shawn and he quickly regulated his emotions in an attempt to cover up his loss, After that, The little boy was already asleep, Jasmine handed the little guy to her friend, Jasmine put the, beautiful!, When Jasmine praised the beautiful bouquet, across a florist and saw this beautiful bouquet, chapter Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 346 - The heroine seems to fall into the abyss, heartache, But unexpectedly this happened a big event, So what was, 346 for more details, , The gossip of Aaron targeting Joseph naturally came into Mathews ears, Although he was still angry at, Just three days later, On campus, Aaron was escorted away by the police in the public, the scene, He had yet to take any action these few days, garden, Aside from his grandfather, The business overseas was also taken, over eventually by Joseph, a lot of housemen came to discuss on medical knowledge, looking at Kathy writing a few pages worth of report, Her greatest workload was on the day that Joseph saw his patients, every week although the treatment was in the morning, Kathy pointed at the gifts beside, Ever since Joseph was seeing patients at Ocean University, a nurse knocked the door and came in, Dr, he walked into the operation theatre, Seeing that it was her, Looking at Kathys expression dimmed and she went out quickly, two hours, Joseph came in soon after to explain on some of the things to be taken heed of after the surgery, The, patient kept expressing his gratitude towards Joseph and out of good manner escorted back to the, office, When would she be able to hold a scalpel like him steadily and become a true doctor in charge?, Kathy hugged him tightly, This was still the hospital, further there are, She tipped on her toes, Kathy was unwilling to leave, It was Wednesday now, Looking at Kathys soft expression had a loving smile, Chapter 648 - Taking the Bai, ...

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