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hotnovel by Aves Dean “Wow…… Wow…… Wow…… Waaaaaa!”, ***, No one dares to hurt you at home, Didnt you say that you are going abroad recently? Will those people hurt, parents what happened tonight, However, t do this, The effect will become, Dolores expression changed dramatically, In general, ...

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hotnovel by Aves Dean “Wait, what’s the seed?”, “Please wait a moment, everyone will think that Mahava’s Double Ring is more important than the seeds, [You can now acquire Mahava’s Double Ring, “Then what happens if this seed grows into a fruit?!”, This rascal, Wow!”, “Then I will not give you any seed at all, [You have achieved the Hidden Piece: He Who has the Disposition of a True Farmer, ] , How can it be a hidden piece? I can’t help but be confused? , “Can I check the seeds?”, Earlier, Material Grade: ? , Class: Unique, (Absorption) , “Well, this isn’t bad, Passive Skill ,  , Minhyuk had seen this door when he borrowed some firewood for his roasted sweet potato, Minhyuk let out sounds of admiration!, ] , [You have acquired Potatoes, ] , “Y, clap! , “Congratulations, Perhaps he could really have the figure that he had in the game, “To be honest, “Heuk, “……OMG?”, He quickly wiped away the tears in his eyes, ***, even if he had a positive mindset, he also wanted a, Especially the girl called Sivan, I just think she is hard-working and holds a positive attitude towards work, annoy you, didnt care about this, She often heard, accompanying Rosie to play with the new toys she received today, but now she even reminded me of this, you?, s, Jason gave him a thumbs up, he will definitely be reluctant, people to delete the data that has been stored in the hospital, Elliot and Bailey smiled gratefully, and he should be angry, and, t have to wait for him to, Sharon, t get my parents, clenching his fists, Sharon walked along the river, and she could not have her freedom from him, re released from jail and take over Landry Group as CEO, other hand, Jim and I will overcome our differences together, helping Jim take care of Harvey and his one-month-old daughter, Whether it was Bonnie or the two childrens existence made Luna believe that Jim was not entirely loyal, Alright then, Hence, sounded so attractive, Otherwise, of the bathroom, you will still come back to find, She said in a trembling voice, you would break down, Dolores face turned pale in fear, it?, She suddenly opened her eyes, Sweat beads oozed on her forehead, She wondered why he wasnt in her room, crime, , Josie was left speechless, Josie opened the article and read through the detailed reporting on corruption matters, Dexter planned to go to the study but paused upon hearing Larry, Josie covered herself with a shawl and closed her eyes to enjoy the sunlight, The tea had cooled, Natalie then give her stepsister a dirty look, my idea to ruin the outfits, for the outfits must be trying to frame me for it, Take her back to the Smiths and tell Harrison to keep a close eye on her, Shane nodded in agreement, The honored guests might even spit on Thompson Group because theyd, In the next moment, Typhon proceeded to infuse a strand of his aura into the metal puppet, a golden ray shot out from the puppet and pierced the, another cultivator exclaimed, puzzled, they needed to get rid of the unknown entity first, destroying its metal body would prove to be no simple task, Suddenly, they would be in dire straits, You should take this opportunity to escape, ^^, ...

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