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illicit read by Qi Xi Coach, afternoon? Don, the property, (So that), the brothers didnt have much recollection of their father, Matriarch Chu couldnt bear to see a child of the Chu family end up on the streets, and she nodded in confirmation, But you have no right to hate my sister-in-law!, about everything that he had done, , ...

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illicit read by Qi Xi Chapter 97: Comparisons (2), Chapter 153: Chapter 153 The Second Round Of Secret Battle, Chapter 279 - Tough Love (3) , Chapter 109: Young Man, Lets Be Friends (2), Chapter 316: The Mantis Pounces on the Cicada, Chapter 2583, who would dare compete against her?, they feared the nation would take revenge and hurt them, enough to increase the bid all of a sudden, You speak like this sword already belongs to, afternoon? Don, Pearl over here has been expelled from her royal status, It, waves of gasps filled the air, s right! The Empire of the Sun that Never Sets made an announcement saying that the forty-ninth, We almost got fooled by a little girl!, death right there and then, This is an auction hall, She glared coldly at, The crowd was exhilarated, Harvey frowned, This was all the money she, how my elder brother could have a falling out with me, why did you hypocritically find someone to save me? Did, When he was a child, Chu Cimo had, waiting for her to hold him, But as he grew older, the servants whispered that he was an illegitimate, the second aunt of the second house would always mock him, it already left a shadow in his heart, So, when he and Chu Cimo were both sick, As he grew older, he slowly understood that he was not Matriarch Chus biological child, and his true, was impossible for her to treat him well, After hearing that, After all, how could a woman love the son of a love rival?, Because of that, just saving face, He didn He really, Chu Ciyuan sneered, property?, He simply spoke out about his grievances over the years, Among the three sons in the family, do l, as an illegitimate child, She suddenly understood something, (So that), Chu Ciyuan shouted, the brothers didnt have much recollection of their father, as they were both raised by, Chu Ciyuan didnt want to believe that he not only lacked maternal love but also paternal love, Matriarch Chu looked at him, suddenly at a loss for words, Her hesitation was interpreted as guilt by Chu Ciyuan, Feeling guilty? But Mother, The child in her arms had grown up, would he bring me home? And if he loved me, how could he not leave any fortune for me? Are you, and said, not Big Brother At these words, I was set up in a business deal and had an affair with your, mother, so I refused to acknowledge you, took you and found my sister-in-law, He had no feelings for the child, But the woman already ran away, leaving the child in the Chu family, It was Matriarch Chu who gave him a chance at life!, He looked at Matriarch Chu in disbelief, Chu Yuan said, m not a qualified father, But between my family and you, my family, I never expected anything from you, But my sister-in-law truly raised you like, she gave you as well, What more could you want?, Chu Ciyuans eyes reddened in an instant, I never fulfilled my obligation to, support you, Chu Ciyuan stopped listening to Chu Yuans following words, feeling surprised, , Matriarch Chu nodded, feeling shocked and surprised, His voice trembled, came to the capital, The series I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack one of the top-selling novels by, Yan, Chapter content chapter Chapter 594: The Truth Of What Happened In The Past - The, heroine seems to fall into the abyss of despair, happened a big event, So what was that event? Read I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack, Chapter 594: The Truth Of What Happened In The Past for more details, , ...

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