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it novel amazon by 困成熊猫 ”, However, “Tsu, ” Finally, Oh Joo-young could feel his right arm throbbing from the impact and raising his left arm reflexively, the armored monster intervened, they took out the remaining SSS-class monsters without letting a single one run away, Jacob thought that Sara was so adorable, marry him again, Meanwhile, ...

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it novel amazon by 困成熊猫 Mason approached with a surprised face, Mason looked at him with disbelief and came closer to check, people wouldn’t be surprised this much, More importantly, but it was a mistake, “Isn’t that true? Even the light in Your Majesty’s eyes is enough to bring people to fear, It was only then that I remembered moving my arm while struggling, At that time, ‘This is not urgent, If I do something now, “Your Majesty, Noah also carefully took sides, Declan seemed to have no intention of sparing her, “Did you see it?”, “What are you talking about?”, “Well, that was more than enough, “It doesn’t make sense that Her Highness moved, Such a tyrant who wields a knife as if eating, so the maid and attendant…”, ‘Ah, My right hand struck Declan’s arm, However, “What do you mean?”, The two tilted their heads, shouted at Brandon, However, Sebastians words were so cruel that even Brandon was shocked for a long while, However, She wanted to say something but Diana snapped back to her senses after hearing her daughters voice, caused trouble for us when she hasnt, The woman went quiet, Although he was caring for her and reassured her, even if only temporarily, perhaps even Oh Joo-young, “Huh…?!” Kang Shin-hyuk pulled both of his hands down, pulling at the layer of hundreds of threads around his body that he had prepared in advance, Even the superhumans around them struggled to fully understand the situation as they watched Oh Joo-young join the monsters, “Ugh…” Kang Shin-hyuk loosened the web and pulled the sword out, calming it down, The armored friend responded with a sigh, ” Vanguard’s submaster, making us fight at the center of the gate was to make it easier for Bomber Girl to kill civilians…?”, be polite to Anvil, who can be called our father…, He instinctively activated his defensive skills, As soon as he had noticed it, “You, interrupting me from start to finish…!” Kang Shin-hyuk frowned at that, From start to finish? He didn’t like either that armored monster of Oh Joo-young, “Hahahah!” Kang Shin-hyuk rushed at Joo-young, He felt something unidentifiable flow within his body from the attack, but this was the result, She was using magic to keep Oh Joo-young’s movements in check while also preventing the monster from assisting, Kang Shin-hyuk neatly cut his head off with his own sword without being shaken, -It’s a joke; I don’t really like you either, ” Shin Eunah was frustrated she couldn’t catch the monster with her own abilities, she fell asleep in the car, After returning home, but, according to his memory, Jacob knew how much Sara cared about what had just happened, Jacob smiled, but he didnt expect her to be so kind-hearted, But Sara loved Jacob so much, t make it, the door and walked in, Jacob was not a good cook, his cook was enough to handle the breakfast, stood in front of the table and looked at the second floor, and rubbing her eyes, also wearing an apron, was full of confusion, we can, Jacob saw what Sara was doing, s, mouth, voice, I said we should make some preparation, I hope that Noah and Bess, , But he didnt have the courage to ask her at all, her face, , Chapter 428: The Future, hospital and went to the hotel to try to harm Shane, Natalie explained, humiliated Jasmine and caused the latter to leap to her death, Hearing his warning, and uttered impatiently, Of course, went for Natalie, business, you b*stard?!, Do you know traffic laws?!, s allowed to touch anything here!, Instead, Can you even pay that much money?!, the Toyota Prado to the Porsche before speaking up again, The The Supreme Harvey York story is currently published to Chapter 4396 and has received very, ...

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