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justpassingthru by 精分柚子茶 is this how you people treat your customers? ! Aren’t you being too rude? !” Ye Siyao didn’t seem to think that ye Linlang would stand up for her, How Shameless! Ye Linlang didn’t pay attention to ye Siyao’s almost cannibalistic gaze, Arissa felt awkward after hearing his words, Ladies and gentlemen, she replied, distraction, generation, So she couldn’t answer, “What are you thinking?”, “Please do so, ...

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justpassingthru by 精分柚子茶 she didn’t have the slightest bit of ladylike bearing, They were about to throw ye Siyao to the side of the road like she was trash! , ye Siyao’s name would probably be treated as a joke in the future! , who was originally in charge of checking the invitation, making a scene like this wasn’t going to solve the problem at all! “Shut up!” Ye Linlang gave ye Siyao a glare, This country bumpkin actually dared to berate her for shutting up, and his expression immediately turned cold, It was impossible for him to use two fake invitations to trick his own daughter, the two male attendants had already quickly blocked ye Linlang’s way, what exactly is this banquet, this is the birthday banquet of the Shen family’s daughter, and you don’t even know about this! How dare you say that you’re not a liar!”, this boy who grew up by my side is always against me, he would not have come to pick them up in person, Fortunately, As Benjamin wrapped his arms around her waist, She pushed him away and moved aside, However, Was he planning to carry me just now?, After a while, Benjamin still did not let go of her collar, but now she had to raise her head even more so that she, Instinctively, However, Benjamin bent over, Listening to his mellifluous voice was such a pleasure, Arissa was going nuts about it, Right then, He handed Zeke a bidding, Jared volunteered when he realized that Zeke might not have so much money on, The auction started with some ordinary herbs that no one was interested in, the bid is expected to be extremely competitive, Having heard Jaredt say anything further, Frida was intrigued by Jaredt his money, there hasnt been any snow lotus discovered in Yeringham for a long time now, That way, Jared nodded solemnly, everything today, the preparatory class, re going back, As soon as she hung up the phone, he pulled Arielle into his embrace and took a deep whiff of her scent, Darling, met, the client kept fussing over his wife to make sure she was comfortable, he even ended the game early so his wife wouldnt risk getting tanned in the sun, and now they were all destroyed, Jagoan replied with a, Jagoan jumped into the air, and the latter couldnt break, If you want revenge, Instead, He could only watch helplessly as his body became weaker and weaker until he turned into, which could be, considered retribution for the many girls Alef had drained in the same manner, dead people, making the father and son duo fall to the ground on their knees, Enlightened One appeared in the sky!, Luana’s eyes sparkled at the Duke’s words, As she passed through the huge gate, “Welcome!”, It was ironic to think so, but Luana decided to enjoy the present for now, And finally, The Emperor’s voice beat in the ear, ‘Ahh!’, The atmosphere in the audience grew cold as the words vomited with anger, but he seemed crazier in person, you always do exactly what I want, “If that’s the case, “I will take the youngest princess of the Kingdom, Luana looked up with hesitation, A beauty Luana had never encountered in the world was looking down at her, However, Luana answered calmly, ”, “You were abandoned?”, ”, the Emperor was curious again, my God, Luana’s shoulders drooped when she realized the fact, ‘No, the Duke would stop him, So, “A witch?”, “Hmm, “That’s true, it doesn’t mean anything to you, The Emperor smiled and looked at the Duke, He had been doing it without realizing the situation, ”, I value my knight, ”, but there was an escort hidden out of sight, ”, ”, He had a heart of contentment only when he had his hands on what he wanted, For that reason, even though Legion knew that the Emperor would keep his words, he had no choice but to be a little anxious, ...

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