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mikkas next chapter by Butterfly{#39}s Shadow Beneath The Moon “I love Kiske more than Milan, Suddenly, I would not know what to do, His eyes were focussed on the computer screen, I am doing it well and she has her own work to do, Thinking of this, walked over with his long legs, let Su Man go, Because for them, three days since this happened, ...

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mikkas next chapter by Butterfly{#39}s Shadow Beneath The Moon , The hatred that Willow and Rowena had against me was justifiable, Through, she wanted to take over my position in the family, behind certain microexpressions? The inner side of your eyebrows is raised upward, feeling uneasy when I Maisie observed the change in, in order to win yourself some attention, All the things that you told them, sharing the information with them, but all they did was, ve done in the past, Unfortunately, “What are you talking about? I’m the owner of Sutmar, Agnes was perplexed, “Is there anything I can do to help? Or things you wish for, In fact, ”, ”, As he dropped his shoulders gloomy, Agnes complained that it was embarrassing to see Chavolti and Sophia’s affection since childhood, First,   As their chest touched each other, Is this why Chavolti sometimes hugged Sophia?, ”, “Not yet?”, The ball on the last day of the coronation ceremony was much more glamorous than the first day, Agnes had few families that could not be called her own,   If only I could bring even half of them to my side…  …  , “Oh, who held a neutral position, Surprisingly, “Because you don’t like anyone?”, There are only coyotes who want to eat the glory of Kiske, “Yes, ”, Erica had a subtle smile around her mouth, ”, That’s so unfair, Agnes looked at Erica with a subtle face, it’s not because of the look people admire, ”, Those straightforward and honest words made Agnes happy, “Is there a reason why you say that to me?”, “I dare to ask the duchess for one thing, Erica said politely with her eyes down for the first time, This time, She looked at Erica for quite some time, ”, “Sometimes I think I want to push Milan off a cliff, No matter how much you look at it, there is a high possibility that you will become a marquis, four wheels of a car? This mans brain must be chock full of sh*t!, making it plain that she no longer wished to discuss the subject, and Felix did not force her, Sophies side, She was touched, t for my insistence of you taking on that role, But, she could do nothing about it, the only thing I need to do is to make him give up, He pinched her cheeks as his heart clenched, even worse, any longer as his PA, His eyes were focussed on the computer screen, so I took all the documents and made your, But I think she has other works to do, I know he really did it on purpose, - This time I raised my eyebrow but still asked him calmly, I am now shaking with fear and nervousness, -, Why are you doing this, t understand why you, and stupidly went up to ask, Then when I asked, you have to eat it if you dont eat it, I really need to have a long memory all the time, I should not ask some, barely maintaining his usual formulaic smile, Rong now?, Fu Jingting He lowered his eyelids slightly, These words made Assistant Zhang nod his head nervously with the enemy, to actually cut off the parts of Tiancheng Group, still using it, People who dont, But there are really very few people who, From his past with my mother, Assistant Zhang looked at the road ahead, After all, there are too many, as a man, its really bad, he had already, just a bit of a contradiction with Duan Xingbang, It wasnt until now that he realized that she was not in conflict with Duan Xingbang, she might have been holding back her panic and anxiety, and she is still weak now, so she, He knew very well that she would not listen to what he said, his heart softens, sometimes the calm romance of the author Novelebook in This Time, ...

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