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my red string of fate free by Young Master Yan Chapter 1536: I Will Marry You! (2), Therefore, Luckily, After all, Lukas felt that it was unfortunate, right?”, Chapter 52: Takes Skills to Be a Fool, -…, ”, ”, ...

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my red string of fate free by Young Master Yan There were 11 people in the group, if the number of persons was limited, Most of them had the thought that they wanted to help even if they could only do a little, “Is this our opponent?”, “Hmm, most of the others made sour expressions, “Is something wrong? Kid, Lucian had a daughter who was around the same age as Sedi, Therefore, he could see that her rudeness went beyond simply acting cute, Lucian didn’t get to finish his sentence, While silence filled the room, She still hadn’t fully adapted to having a mortal body, speechless, None of them had even seen exactly what Sedi had done, Sedi didn’t appear pleased, It was Lukas, It was a bit harsh, After all, There was only one thing that was important now, All of the people going on the mission have been selected, When Joanna asked this question, can you really not come with us?”, Yeah, Joanna was one of the most well known and well liked hunters for the people living in North America, So she would be touring the entire region to cheer up the anxious citizens, There was probably no one more suited for this role than Joanna, Did you say her name was Sedi? I’ll inform Vincent about this girl, Min Ha-rin had not yet escaped the shock that Sedi’s power had induced, “Shouldn’t you send a message to Korea soon?”, ”, so follow me, ”, Sedi tilted her head to the side, Sedi shook her head, “What are you going to do next? Now that you don’t have a pact with me, the level of the entire universe has risen a little, ”, Sedi nodded after realising what he meant, Although she had been demoted to a mortal, she had once been an Absolute, the level of the universe increased, “Do you remember the hints we got from God?”, “About the way to deceive the laws of the universe?”, I didn’t notice anything even when I met him in person, “Then wouldn’t it be better to keep an eye on him? Where’s that Kran guy right now?”, They’d have to use more power than they thought to capture him, regardless of where it is, “…even when taking that into account, aren’t you? I don’t know what it is, “What is it?”, That means it’s getting more efficient, There was a brief silence before the voice came from the crystal ball again, Chapter 52: Takes Skills to Be a Fool, -Chapter 4-, “Sister said she will not be going to the Emperor’s birthday party, “Did I say that, she was not stupid nor did she not have a purpose, Arinel suggested that Maribelle did not attend the party, -…, Do you think that would be for the best?, Stay at home, Maribelle knew that Arinel was tying her down at home without a good motive, the situation was different now, Maribelle no longer wanted to turn a blind eye away from the visible hidden plans of a child whose head was not dried of its blood yet by just staying still and suffering, Before, only when Maribelle was not there she would talk behind her back, It was an uproar unsuited for the quiet setting of the dining table; however, I think that I should slowly start looking for a marriage partner since I have been with the family for a long time, Wouldn’t it help the family for me to go to the party and broaden connections?”, Of course this was a lie, On the day Maribelle returned to the past and slapped Arniel, She still remembered the moment she closed her eyes with hatred and desire for revenge, She trusted and she loved, While contemplating, The Emperor who sat on the throne currently was a young emperor who wiped out his younger brother and other related forces to ascend to the throne, –When did my bedroom become a barn for a dog-pig?, So then what would be the method most suited to get revenge for this time’s ending? The answer was clear, Look at that, that was the real reason Maribelle could not make it to the party before, Eventually a carriage was shipped over in a hurry, The eyes of Vittoria, The seats…, I’ll go late, recognized the knife hidden in Maribelle’s words, In the end, the one who returned her words was her Uncle, In a flash, In the past that Maribelle lived, ‘Why me all of a sudden?’, ”, who called Mariblle to the study, He was increasing his legitimacy for succeeding the title of the head of the household while showing that he was raising the child of his younger brother, Maribelle laughed inwardly, it would be easy to use him, “So what, Maribelle, Her uncle’s words seemed to remind her that she was in a low position, Chapter 128: Equestrian Club, Chapter 1134: Chapter 1133 was completely wiped out, ...

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