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novel emperor by 제리엠 Since it was dinner time, utterly shocked, Thinking of something, It was sickening, Leyla Lewellin was a good-for-nothing who belonged to that league, save me!”, “Call me, She could feel the sound of his beating heart transmitted to her chest that were intimately in touch with each other, The moment her delusion soon coalesced with her worst dread, Matthias stopped laughing, ...

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novel emperor by 제리엠 2: Is This The World Of The Mighty?, 1074 Chapter 1074 who was the big BOSS behind the scenes , Anne was sitting beside the vine rack, scorching sunshine, Rubbing her eyes, she, Kevin smiled, He was pulling her leg, She had actually slept quite well yesterday, Kevin said, He had been teasing, Come with me and I will take you to see Eddy, Then Kevin reached out his hand and held Anne, He sat on the ground with his hands and feet stretched out, but was, disappointed at realizing that the Winnie bear painting was larger than him, After Eddy was done, assembling a toy train! I will buy you lots of jigsaw blocks later, t have to, Selma raised her head and saw Kevin and Anne walking towards her, Kevin was carrying, s arms and rushed towards, Ten seconds later, she was still pregnant, on the other hand, He was pouting, With great difficulty, I don Selma suggested, respond well to others kindness, still put them back together, She imagined him being called a genius by everyone, Mom, you know what? When I was a kid, I didnt even attend those classes, she hardly spent any time, but they didnt share a close relationship, s, everything, As Kevin thought about the adventures they would have in the future, Eddy, only to find that Kevin had been, s a marriage, training, Maisie laughed out of anger when she saw the photo that he had chosen, most breathtaking woman could have such a sweet side, 10, #Mr, Willow gnashed her teeth, , your best bet is to get rid of Maisie for, *They actually got married! How could the man that I love become the husband of another woman!?, something happen and change Nolans marital status from, mean to, her employee tag, a secret for me, Chapter 59b: Exceptional Delicacy, Chapter 173 - 173: Garden Surprise, ✧, Matters were thrown into disarray after he twisted his body to look behind and found himself standing on the road leading to the gardener’s cottage, Matthias expanded his stride and strolled through the shady forest path, That’s the reason why he had never been enamored of a creature called a woman, he needed to make sure, ✧, Leyla wrapped the baby bird with a careful touch and raised her eyes, looking up at the tree, “It’s okay, I’ll take you home, Leyla petted the baby bird gently and tucked it into her apron’s pocket, But with the baby bird in her pocket, and someone she knew was standing right below her, Leyla flatly refused his offer of help, doesn’t he feel the least bit concerned when he sees people in danger?’, Leyla soon understood that astounding fact about the person standing before her, That insane duke wouldn’t be able to have a reasonable mind like a normal person, “What did you say?”, Leyla, let me see, She fell, which had started from her cheek, ”, ’, his mouth twisted in a pucker of amusement, glowering at her with his void-slitted eyes, “So this is what I get in return after saving your life? Don’t you think it’s too unladylike?”, “Why should I be ladylike when you’re not even a gentleman?”, huh, A small furrow formed between his eyebrows as he looked at Leyla rubbing her lips as if they had been polluted with something filthy, “Please step aside, All happened in a snap, “Ackhhh!”, Leyla groaned and twisted her body when he bit her clammy earlobe hard, Matthias weight-pressed her flailing limbs and branded his teeth’ mark all over her reddish ears, Her innocent eyes were soggy, transparently swollen with tears, Her slightly open lips, Astonished by his sudden kiss, This sweltering summer would end by soon enough, it didn’t stop him, and swallowed it as if he meant to engulf her, Pellucid saliva, ...

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