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rainbow from itsfunneh by 龙柒 Chapter 448 - Tribute , he was in a rage, There were only Eve, He was not taught to be impolite to elder, Abby was worried, he requested, man specially poured cold water on him to keep him awake, some money, evidence, Nate Lowell who was also Seamus father, ...

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rainbow from itsfunneh by 龙柒 1161 Chapter 1161, Chapter 448 - Tribute , be a good mother, Eve had been well behaved in front of Celine, Richard had been very well behaved too, he greeted him politely, But after a long time, Alexander and Celine were always busy with the business of the Yan group, she turned a blind eye to Davis and Wilson, them, he didnt make it a big deal, forget and forgive, s tolerance did not make Eve be kind to them, On the contrary, more excessive, Richard had recruited many, who had always played tricks on Wilson, at least he wouldnt be bullied, It, should be and not to make it a big deal, Wilson was okay to deal with the gangs of his age, There were blood on his faces and many cuts on his bodies, The man in the underworld knew he was the third son of the Yan group, so he called Davis as he had graduated, Abby answered the phone, Your brother went to the company for business and forgot to bring his cell phone, was kicked by them and gave a muffled hum all of a sudden, man threatened maliciously, Abby received a text message, In order to keep him from fainting, man specially poured cold water on him to keep him awake, I just want to earn, t control her anger, We still have to keep him for the money, Calm down, Two million was a huge amount of money, waiting for Abby, Wilson breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the man was not in the mood to hit him again, He prayed in, Chapter 317: Step Siblings, we will definitely find him, more than you, Besides your mother, They just dont want to accept this reality, No matter how dangerous or difficult he encounters, he can always save it, Chad comforted Layla, Bridgedale, Because things were a little sudden, so your mother, she will go back to Aryadelle immediately, as if she saw my dad, The expression on Averys face was startled, Avery: if She really did this thing, If you Something happened, Avery: , I will accompany you to see the lawyer tomorrow, rely on, Without a little brain and courage, she will, how could she say such, But I suggest you go to bed and watch it again, about this family, The dog-blood incident is really, Update Chapter 1989 of When His Eyes Opened By Simple, makes readers fall in love with every word, go to chapter Chapter 1989 readers Immerse yourself in, In the hall of the manor at this moment, Old Master Lowell had suddenly summoned all of the Lowell family members to the manor, In recent days, All the persons in charge of the Lowell family had been very careful these two days and kept silent, Today, the old man had suddenly summoned everyone, they all stood up and greeted him, They did not sit down until after Old Master Lowell sat in the main seat and motioned everyone to sit, Old Master, going to fight against the Hull family? This isnt a joke, small, At this moment, many people were speaking out in persuasion or to put forward their own opinions and, For a moment, everyone quieted down, Old Master Lowell looked at everyone and said, first thing, The current head of the family, As for Nates brothers, I know everything you want to say, What do you think?, Although everyone had guessed that this would be the result, many people were still disappointed, Of course, At this moment, said to Seamus, the next heir to the Lowell family!, the, stand united, Although his voice was not loud, speechless for a long while, In general, Chapter 233: Rong Yu’s Worries (7), ...

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