roc royal love story

roc royal love story


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roc royal love story by Zhao Zhao I am not your brother, “I can’t, Hyojun cried for days with bitterness, come here and greet Mr, Now, They all had mana hearts, my strength, I hit the ground and lowered my sword, In order to obtain this poem, Uncle stared at me, ...

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roc royal love story by Zhao Zhao Chapter 433: Suspicion of the Past, Lying on her bed, who was constantly talking about The M, She remembered the things Hyojun said and how he acted, Then suddenly, Hyoyoung heard a conversation from outside her room, “Leave Hyoyoung alone, “She doesn’t know anything, Never, You have no right to stop me, “Yes, I do, It’s precisely BECAUSE I am her older brother that I have the right to do this, “Hyojun…”, She was only 8 years old at the time, “She was only a child, and so was I, But now both Hyoyoung and I are adults, ”, “And you think YOU know Hyoyoung? You think you know her just because you are her older brother?”, his dream was to have a younger sister, Then one day, However, She avoided his eyes and hid in the corner, Then one day, about a year after she was adopted into Hyojun’s family, That boy, Hyoyoung hadn’t been able to get along with anyone at home, but she started to smile and talk more, And he suspected that Kiwook also knew him, No one in the family told her anything and whenever she complained about how she didn’t have many memories from her childhood, They told her she had a concussion and lost a lot of her memories, There were no photos of her as a child either, she had no reason to suspect otherwise, , Realizing that she had lost her composure, she flashed an awkward smile at Susanne and explained, he is, he noticed that the walls were decked with expensive artworks, , When she turned around, he recognized her, she looked just like an obedient, Donovan stated the intention of his visit, which was to invite Wendy to join his class, other classes, my class is different from the rest, After a year, Okay, I, Donovan was even more pleased with her, It have to, Since young, I took my breath carefully, Dangerous, My second attack came as he was speaking, This time, I raised my sword again, “Your physical strength is not enough, ” he challenged, Perhaps, “No way, or to an unruly man who ruined a genius, He had a good motive, It had been gathering mana throughout my battle with Uncle, you’re smiling?”, ”, “What are you talking about?”, “Mana hearts are gone not because chains are stronger, There are high-quality and low-quality mana hearts, “Have you ever heard of Muhun-si?” I asked him, I raised my sword, “One hundred victories are my pride, 『[The ordinary poem] was created: [Dalian Poetry] 』, 』, Our swords clashed with an intense impact, At the same time, a line from the song rang in my head, In order to obtain this poem, I cannot get hurt by the shockwaves, “I told you, He took an offensive position, Bang-!, Bang-!, Bang-!, The light in his eyes was slowly fading, As it did, grabbing my shoulder, ” he said, For anyone, Those who believed must have attempted to create new poems, For example, You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but with mana chains, he cannot reach Transcendence, ”, and drink its hot blood, 』, 』, 』, ...

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