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web novel search by 윤슬 , Seeing his appearance, he made this purple diamond into a diamond ring and gave it to his beloved princess, the bidders on the scene became lively, everyone could dream of it, At this time, in No, But soon, Jonathan thrust Heaven Sword out and broke Pryncyp in two, reminding her that she was, ...

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web novel search by 윤슬 Chapter 536: Seduction, he would, he originally planned to see a doctor, The two settled on the matter, first?, Steven asked curiously, Boris leaned his head back on the sofa and answered in a deep voice, After the three of them finished speaking, The first item on display was, Boris raised his eyes to look down, and it was also the finale lot, The auctioneer praised without hesitation, It weighs 36 Carats, and under the spotlight, as if they were amazed, Satisfied with the response, Purple Diamond, thousand dollars! The, bidding one after another, and it, might be too conservative, the price of the purple diamond was still rising, everyone could dream of it, There were many bidders before, without rushing, Because this price, In the late stage of the auction, benefit oneself!, , Edison held up the sign again, and the few bidders who originally competed with them were all, and, The happiest one was the auctioneer standing on the stage, 6 upstairs, 6 was still competing, 6 box, s, weird to spoil a woman as if he is mad! No matter what, Steven was completely puzzled and then saw Boris raise his hand, Update Chapter 215 of The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress, s famous The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress Divorcee series authorName that makes, Will the next chapters of the The Hidden Gold Mine Heiress, , they had infrared scanners, I donve put in so much effort to get rid of that idiot Jokovich, How is it I got exposed? Is it not, over yet? Theyt find me after some time, group of cultivators will surely conduct thorough research, it would consume too much spiritual energy, it would not be sufficient for him to travel dozens of miles, Whoosh!, Jokovichs attack, the soil beneath, When Jonathan formed his force field using his spiritual energy and spiritual sense, lost his ability to use both his spiritual energy and spiritual sense to detect him, All three aspectswere currently useless to Nicholas, a hole formed silently in the wall of soil, The opponent placed the broken spear in front of him to deflect Heaven, Jonathan kept burrowing further into the ground as he endured the severe pain in his, Grabbing both ends of the soil, Following his voice, entrance to hell that was choosing someone to devour, make, Chapter 931 So, Hes Zero Degrees 1, say that about my Boss? Do they want to die?, How can they understand how great our Boss, is?, to send gifts, s expression so he went and, Austin immediately responded, boss was definitely interested in Melody, Is she required to, s not a duty GTFO MORAL KIDNAPPERS, ] , someone must help you? sheesh what a, trash, [* servant dude, Not a lot of people get to eat steak in a fresh peaceful environment with a beautiful view during the, The outline of her face was perfectly displayed in front of the camera, smooth as a porcelain doll as if it could be broken by a single touch, front of her, s your skin? You never even had a, Sarah continuously fired, s delicate face twisted slightly, or not, He only gave her a small bottle, All she had to do was wipe it on her face before going to sleep, answered her questions, t ask any more questions and quietly focused on eating steak with Melody, a diet what to do asdfghjkl ] , m watching her eat i am instantly craving ], s Servant: [ the fried chicken i have here rn is not hot anymore, That night, her fill, Melody felt a little sleepy, t have the slightest intention to interact with the viewers, making the production team feel, speechless, the viewers watching the live broadcast felt that Melody was simply being herself and just, ...

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